Iphone 13 set to break records.

44% of the current Iphone users plan to purchase the iPhone 13.

A recent poll by SellCell found that 44% of the current Apple Iphone owners plan to purchase the newest apple release of the iPhone 13. Most are looking at the standard model, followed closely by the Pro Max model.


The most popular draw for iPhone enthusiasts is the variable refresh-rate display. Apple is expected to use the same technology found in the latest Apple Watch, allowing a refresh rate of up to120Hz but allow as low as 1Hz.

This upgrade going to make the iPhone extremely competitive for playing Moba style games but also users to access a much lower Hz for an always-on display and minimal battery usage. This is the same technology that the Apple Watch current series 5 and 6 use to toggle the always on function.

A secondary draw for the iPhone 13 is a feature that won’t be available straight away. This is the unveiled under-display Touch ID. This is slated for rollout sometime in early 2022.

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