5 New Mobs coming to Minecraft!

Just when you thought that axolotls, mountain goats and glow squid were the coolest mobs to be introduced into Minecraft, Mojang handed the mob creation over to the players.  Minecon Live saw a number of biome votes and these 5 mobs were confirmed to be coming soon.

Number 5:  The Frog.  

This mob has been requested in the swamp biome for years.  In 2019, during a biome improvement poll, the Swamp Biome with frogs was introduced, however it did lose to the improvement of the Mountain biome that saw the mountain goats introduced.  So now that Mojang has confirmed that the frogs are coming, it’s pretty clear that swamps are getting a makeover too.

Number 4:  The Ostrich.

Minecraft has always had a knack for the slightly cheeky.  Now not only will the Savanna biome be getting an update but we will also be able to see Ostriches with their heads in the sand and roaming the plains.  

Number 3:  The Vulture.

We first saw the vulture at the 2019 Minecon biome voting event, and now we have confirmation that the Badlands biome is getting an update to not only include these ravenous birds, but also flowery cactus for them to swoop down and perch.

Number 2:  The Meerkat.

Minecraft deserts are getting improved!  Long thought of as boring and plain, meerkats standing at attention and playfully running around will definitely improve these oft neglected biomes.

Number 1:  The Warden!

Ever wonder what a cross between Shrek, a creeper, a vindicator and a wither would look like?  Wonder no further, we have the Warden coming in the 1.18 update and the final mob introduced in the Caves and Cliffs update.  This mob is tough, can kill a player in full neitherite armor in a few hits and looks crazy!  It’s also blind and works to find players based on vibrations.  So walk quietly!

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