My Hero Academia’s True Hero


Storyline highlights Deku, but another is the real hero.

My hero academia can be described in one word “special”. No need to overkill it or oversell it. It sells itself and it always delivers. It has a lot of twists and turns, and it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but there’s something about the characters – no matter how generic they might seem- that brings along real-life experiences and emotions that the viewer can really connect with.

The hero of this anime always seemed to be Deku. The story itself focused heavily on Deku and as a viewer, you were always privy to what was going on with Deku. He always fit the role of the hero, despite not having any powers. He’s our superhero-loving boy, who makes it his most important mission to enroll in the prestigious hero academy. Which in simple terms is an academy for heroes.

Deku wanting to be a hero wasn’t that strange, every youngster dreams of being a superhero, but Deku has a big obstacle in his way, Deku’s world is a world of superhumans and he had no power.

A world filled with living, breathing powerful characters with Deku being the odd one out. His determination to get into the hero academia is all that more endearing as he is faced with a fairly severe handicap of being “normal”.

In many ways because of Deku’s perseverance, and determination to excel where he is largely outmatched, has always made Deku the hero everyone wants to succeed.

But, recently, that focus has shifted. My Hero Academia’s hero isn’t Deku, despite the story focusing on him. It’s Ochako.

At first glance, Ochako seems to be a hero fan. She delights in watching people as they get so excited and joyful as they see the superheroes arrive.

But Ochako wasn’t focused on the heroes – the people with power; She was focused on the joy of the people, as they watched the heroes. She had the heart of a hero, she focused on the people, she watched them, she wanted to keep that joy on their faces. Real heroes want to see the people happy, not to be applauded for their ability as a hero.

Meanwhile, Deku wanted to be the hero, he wanted to be like the heroes and he focused on them. Deku’s tunnel vision on becoming a hero for no other reason than to ascend humanity and live like an idol.

A true hero is inspired by the joy of others and wants to keep that joy there. Deku wanted the joy of being admired which shows how Ochako Uraraka had the real hero mindset from the beginning.

In chapter 324 when Deku gets badly injured and he’s returned to U.A, there’s a mob waiting for him, not wanting him to bring danger back to them. Ochako speaks up and gives a speech and convinces the mob to help and let Deku in.

You also can’t forget that she was able to convince Himiko Toga to want to be like her. This shows that humanity has made progress and Ochako played a great part in that.

If that’s not a hero, I don’t know what is.