The Most Popular Games of 2021

Gaming is becoming a popular and more realistic thing among young energetic people. There are two categories of gamers nowadays. People with smartphones and PC gamers with their expensive computers. There is always a debate about which game is trending and popular. We have created a fine list of Popular games of 2021 that took over the internet and gaming industries in this era. Let’s talk about these Popular games of 2021.

PUBG: PlayerUnknown’s battleground: Popular Battle Royale Game that isn’t Fortnite.

We included PUBG on the top of our Popular games of 2021 list because of its popularity as being one of the world’s most  played games so far. PUBG is available for both Mobile and PC gamers. Both have the same features and playing methods.

It has a multiplayer mode that enables you to play with other players like teams. It is a battle royale game, in which you have to survive till the end of the game by eliminating all other teams. You have to select the place of landing and have to collect the ammunition, guns, shields, grenades, guns, etc. The more you have upgraded gears the more you have the chance of survival. 

Valheim: Most Popular Open World Survival Game

Valheim is also included in the most popular games in 2021. It’s a survival game in which you need to survive in a forest alone. The gameplay of Valheim is influenced by Vikings culture. It is an open-world survival game with both single and cooperative modes. PvP mode allows you to compete against other players or play a cooperative game. In the game, you can craft and build a variety of things.

Your main objective is that Odin’s enemies need to be found and killed. You must restore order to the realm of Valheim. Make sure you gather the resources you need to survive and fight.

DOTA 2: Still one of the most popular games EVER.

In the list of popular games of 2021, Dota 2 is at 3rd . It is a battle arena game containing two teams having 5 players in each team. Ancient is a large structure that has to be destroyed by the attacking team to win the battle, while the other team has to defend that structure.

You have to control the game by making real-time strategies and techniques. There are several attractive characters known as horses having different playing abilities. They may be cores or supporters. Cores are considered weak but they are crucial for game, while supporters are used for providing support to the cores.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO): Most Popular FPS

It is a first-person shooting game developed by Valve and hidden path entertainment game developers. It is among the popular games of 2021. In CSGO, two teams are face to face in combat mode. They include the Terrorists and Counter-terrorist. Terrorists have the mission to place the boom on the specific targeted area while Counter-terrorists have to disable that boom or eliminate the whole terrorist team. It is a very entertaining game that can be played with friends online.

Minecraft: Most Popular Family Friendly Game

If you are a fan of building and crafting, this is the best game for you to play. Minecraft gives blocky and 3D views to their players. You have a whole world to explore including forests, water-lands, mountains, plains, etc. You can raise animals for food, crop for animal and food purposes.

You can craft tools that will help you in cutting trees, digging the earth, and mining. As its name shows the main point of the game, that you have to mine to extract different precious and useful earth metals like stones, iron, gold, coal, and diamond. These metals are then used to make more reliable tools