Dragon Ball Super Cancelled in South America Due to Sexual Harassment Claims

Re-Airing of Dragon Ball Super Cancelled in Argentina.

Although the Dragon Ball Super Anime wrapped up years ago, the series sees huge viewership in it’s re-airing in both Mexico and South America. Unfortunately the character of Master Roshi has landed the series in hot water in Argentina.

Buenos Aire’s Department of Communication released a statement proceeding the episode prior to the start of the Tournament of Power. This episode featured a seemingly weird training session with Master Roshi and Puar. After a complaint was filed on behalf of the Ministry of Women, Gender Politics and Sexual Diversity, the Department of Public Defense released more details.

The episode showed the old Master asking Puar to transform into a beautiful but young woman. He requests this transformation to overcome his oft cringey perversion towards young women. The finale of this episode shows Master Roshi admitting that his need to sexualize women can only be overcome on the battlefield.

The Episode itself wasn’t out of character for the creepy old teacher, but Buenos Aires took serious offense. Due to the official complaint that Roshi was guilty of sexual abuse, Cartoon Network and Warner Media took immediate action and have pulled the series from the air in Buenos Aires as well as most of Argentina.