Ultra Ego Vegeta Arrives – Some Fans get Ultra Upset.

Hakashin Vegeta

Dragon Ball Super’s Latest Manga Chapter has fans upset with Vegeta’s latest Transformation: Ultra Ego.

If you’re a Dragon Ball Super fan, you’ve likely seen the latest news that Vegeta has finally received a much needed powerup. But instead of the hype and excitement that Ultra Instinct brought for Goku, this new transformation has fans screaming a different tune.

Vegeta has always been the main rival of Goku, the main character in the Dragon Ball franchise. Fans of the Prince of all Saiyans have often felt that Vegeta was a man who was constantly living in Goku’s shadow. While Dragon Ball Super saw many transformations, none were as groundbreaking as Ultra Instinct, elevating Goku to a god like status. Now Vegeta has a new power up to call his own: Ultra Ego.

“The thing is the hotter my battle soul burns, the stronger I grow, Kakarot’s body may have a mind of its own, but I’m all ego. In fact, go ahead and call this Ultra Ego.”

Vegeta – Dragon Ball Super Manga – Chapter 75

Even despite this new form, that notably Vegeta named himself, we see the chapter end with Vegeta on the ground. Dragon Ball “experts” all over Youtube are picking this chapter apart and suggesting that Vegeta’s powerup was negligible if he still lost the fight to Granolah.

Ultra Ego Vegeta’s Drawback vs Ultra Instinct Goku, Stamina Drain.

Fans of Dragon Ball Super may have forgotten just how physically demanding Ultra Instinct was when Goku first accessed this transformation. The incredible power came with a noticeable exhaustion to Goku. Vegeta having just learned Ultra Ego, and struggling to keep up his stamina is a normal side effect of a new transformation and so we can’t count Vegeta out just yet. Fans of the series predict that, with more use, Ultra Ego will be on par with Ultra Instinct and Vegeta finally given the spotlight he deserves.