Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 76 Release Date

Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 76

Dragon Ball Super Manga finally releasing in September 2021.

The newest chapter in the Dragon Ball Super manga, chapter 76, has finally received a release date. Mid-September 2021 we will see Goku and friends in an all new chapter and hopefully some context for the events of Chapter 75.

Chapter 76: Vegeta vs Granolah

While Vegeta made headlines with his Ultra Ego transformation, Chapter 75 saw Granolah better our anti hero with his own power-up. While the Heeters are likely scrambling to find the next step to find the Dragon Balls, fans anticipate an old foe, Frieza to show up.

“God of Destruction Power” – Chapter 76 gives hope to Vegeta’s Ultra Ego

While it as been speculated around the Dragon Ball Super community for quite some time, fans anticipate that Ultra Ego Vegeta will finally show his true God of Destruction Power and take Granolah down. We can expect to see Goku step in to the battle as well.

Chapter 76 – Dragon Ball Super Release date

If history is anything to go by, we should expect Chapter 76 on September 18th, exactly one month after Chapter 75’s release date.