Kurogiri’s Tragic History Revealed in My Hero Academia Latest Episode.

Sketch by My Hero Academia creator uncovers the sad history of Kurogiri.

The latest episode of My Hero Academia took us back to the history of how Kurogiri was created. Kurogiri, who is one of the members within the League of Villains, and in this episode we find out his ties to UA Academy teachers Eraserhead and Present Mic.

Kohei Horikoshi, the creator of the series, shared a sketch that shows the two strongest teachers at the school, Eraserhead and Present Mic, but also Kurogiri seemingly standing with them. After finding out in this episode that he used to be their best friend, Oboro Skirakumo, the hits just keep coming.

Kurogiri’s tragic transformation.

We also find out that Kurogiri is a Nomu. Eraserhead and Present Mic were able to break through to their former best friend for a moment, but he soon returned to his present state as Kurogiri and his former personality as Oboro is lost again.

What makes this all the sadder is that the image shared by Horikoshi is shared in the context that the three friends had planned to start a hero agency after they graduated together from UA Academy. The translated text from Horikoshi reads:

For the anime releasing today. When I was a student, I only saw the teacher as a creature called a teacher

Kohei Horikoshi

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