Dragon Ball Heroes Preview: Goku’s Respect for Krillin.

Goku’s faith and respect in Krillin’s ability as a Z fighter is revealed.

Dragon Ball Heroes has been keeping Dragon Ball Super fans interested by exploring parts of the story not yet shown in the main series of Dragon Ball Super. In a preview for the next chapter of the manga, we see a touching moment showing just how much Krillin meants to Son Goku.

Krillin has had a fairly substantial role in Dragon Ball Super, training alongside Goku under Master Roshi. Despite Goku moving on to see a vastly superior overall power level with his transformations, Krillin has still made a name for himself in the eyes of his old friend.

Goku tells Hearts “Everything would be alright” if Krillin is there.

In a preview of the Manga chapter, Twitter User DBS Chronicles shares just how much Goku respects Krillin by stating “everything would be alright” if the bald Z Fighter was there:

The Latest story in Dragon Ball Heroes has shown Goku and the Z Fighters experiencing an entirely new universe created by master evil scientist Fuu, and also the re-emergence of an old enemy in Dr. Wheelo.

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