5 reasons why Java Minecraft is Better than Bedrock!

Minecraft Bedrock edition is a play anywhere Minecraft version. It enables cross play between devices and allows console players to play with PC players ect. Java edition is a PC only version of the game, and arguably has some significant quality of life improvements that Bedrock simply does not.

Java is a better designed version of Minecraft.

There are 5 key things that bedrock players are asking the devs to add to their version of the game that the java players already have and have had for quite some time.

Improved Mob Spawning.

Mob spawning is chaotic and often non sensical in bedrock edition of minecraft. Sometimes you could be exploring a cave and find it completely devoid of life, until you see one specific corner that has a whole bunch of monsters spawning on top of each other. This both makes mob farming a very difficult task but it’s also really annoying. Java edition has mob spanning very organized and consistent, that Bedrock really needs that fix.

Debug Screen!

Sometimes there is a technical bug but you have no real idea what happened, or if it was your internet cutting out or lag or aliens. The debug screen that is in the Java edition of Minecraft makes those weird moments alot more clear. By simply pressing F3, Java edition players can not only find any bug info, but they can also so the chunk info, biome names, light levels and show chunk borders. Bedrock really needs this simple info screen.


Well only if you’re playing Java edition that is. Bedrock minecraft players do not have hardmode. They have normal survival however you can quickly outskill this mode. With Hardcore Mode in Java, players only have 1 life and this makes it so if you die, you will not respawn into this world. It’s the challenge that will keep skilled Minecraft players playing for much longer than a regular survival game in Bedrock. When your choices (and life) matters more, you are more invested in the things that you do with the game.


If you’ve ever played Minecraft Bedrock, you’ll know that redstone machines can be fairly finnicky and somewhat hard to use. Java edition doesn’t have this problem, Redstone is pretty simple and makes the game play that much more interesting instead of frustrating.

Spectator Mode only available in Minecraft Java Edition!

Like hardcore mode, spectator mode is only available in Minecraft Java. While this is a more nuanced part of Minecraft, it certainly can be more fun when playing with others. You can pass through blocks, see the game from the mobs point of view as well as be totally invisible to players who are not in spectator mode. Bedrock users can use 3rd party mods but it never really works like Java.

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